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    Our Managed Wifi Services

    Wanzo provides innovative Wifi solutions to help businesses stay connected. Our cutting-edge technology ensures reliable connections and efficient management of networks, allowing for a seamless user experience.

    Why Choose Wanzo Wifi

    Wanzo wifi solutions are a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their digital networks. Our powerful services revolutionize the way you access and manage data, giving your organization an edge in our increasingly connected world. Experience reliable connection at its finest with Wanzo!

    Wifi Solutions We Support

    Cisco Meraki

    Cisco Meraki offers the premier choice for network infrastructure, with a suite of powerful features and unparalleled reliability. Make your business run efficiently today by choosing Cisco Meraki’s reliable solutions!


    Uniquti offers an exceptional option for those looking to experience reliable, comprehensive solutions. With a commitment to their customers’ satisfaction and industry-leading technology, Uniquti provides unparalleled support and results.


    Ruckus is the ideal choice for cutting-edge communication solutions. With their suite of advanced technology, you can rest assured your business operations will be kept on the leading edge of innovation and success.


    MikroTik Wifi is the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their wireless network. It’s feature-packed, reliable and trusted by users everywhere; an ideal solution that ensures a stable connection!

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    95% of our customers would recommend us as a specialist.

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    100% of our calls are answered by specialist engineers.

    What makes our Wifi services different?

    With Wanzo, protect your customers’ data and provide them with safe Wifi access – maximize security without compromising convenience. Stay connected whenever you or a customer enters your space and keep connectivity and communication seamless.


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