Collision Drumsticks

About the Project

Wanzo is proud to be the IT Support provider for Collision Drumsticks in the creation of their website, hosting, and Cloud services. We have extensive experience in delivering tailored solutions which ensure our client’s projects meet their business objectives. Wanzo is committed to develop solutions which can easily evolve with any project’s changing needs. Our years of experience give us the confidence to take on strategically challenging projects and we look forward to this exciting new venture with Collision Drumsticks.




Cloud, Hosting, Web Development

Wanzo is proud to be the IT Support provider for Collision Drumsticks. We understand that every business has its own individual needs, so Wanzo is committed to creating tailored solutions specifically tailored to meet Collision Drumsticks’ objectives. Our years of experience make us uniquely qualified to take on strategically challenging projects, and our expertise with hosting, Cloud services, and website creation equips us with the tools necessary to develop solutions that can easily evolve with changing needs. We are thrilled for this opportunity to collaborate with Collision Drumsticks, and Wanzo looks forward to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.