Byter Digital

About the Project

Wanzo have provided their customers with high-level IT support for many years, and this continues today. From small home networks to complex office and commercial setups, Wanzo are highly experienced in the setup, installation and maintenance of LAN, WiFi and other connectivity tools. Wanzo recognize the importance of well-functioning networks and believe it is fundamental to success. Wanzo also provide support through their 24/7 Help Desk service, giving customers constant access to knowledge that allows them to make well-informed decisions for their network solutions. Thanks to Wanzo’s commitment to excellence, Byter now has the necessary tools in place to ensure reliable communication.


2018 to present day


LAN, Connectivity, UC, Cloud & Support.

Wanzo is a premier IT support provider, with years of experience in setting up, installing and maintaining networks of varying complexity. Wanzo understands the essentiality of flawless functioning networks to ensure success, so their attention to detail has been unwavering in providing customers with top-of-the-line solutions. Wanzo’s 24/7 Help Desk ensures that their clients have easy access to necessary knowledge to make sound decisions, giving them constant support. Thanks to Wanzo’s commitment to providing efficiency and reliability, Byter now enjoys peace of mind knowing that they have powerful network solutions in place.