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Is Now the Right Time to Switch to Microsoft 365?

The Modern Workplace

With work no longer a place to go, but instead a thing to do, The Dolly Parton-esque 9-5 job is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, a work desk might be located in a coffee shop in a foreign country, or simply be your own breakfast table.

As a result, business owners are having to face up to the reality that their employees are increasingly wanting the freedom to spend more work time engaged in collaborative and real-time tasks from anywhere. They are left with little option but to embrace the importance of the modern on-the-go workplace and to utilise IT technology that allows such a seamless and collaborative location-unbound approach.

The Challenge of IT

For heads of IT, it’s not just about keeping smiles on the faces of the modern workforce, but also managing essential IT security requirements within the business. No employee wants to use numerous versions of software with sporadic updates or outdated legacy systems. Furthermore, there is the issue of employees often needing to use their own personal applications, causing more security risks.

In answer to the titular question: Yes!

With Microsoft 365 providing all the familiar features of outdated IT legacy systems, but also offering enhanced communication, collaboration and security features on one single platform, such a conclusion comes without much controversy.

This is especially true when we consider that Windows 7 and Office 2010 come to their respective ends in January and October, meaning Microsoft will no longer provide critical updates and customer support. Switching to Microsoft 365 comes with an automatic upgrade to Windows 10, offering further ‘modern workplace-proof’ security and enhancement features.


The application that is central to collaborative working within Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Teams, of which 41% of businesses are expected to be using by the end of the year. The question seems to be: are you willing to risk being left behind?

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