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Ethernet: Should Your Business Be Using it?

When it comes to Ethernet, it seems to be more a matter of knowledge rather than preference. The IT world aside, it may not be going too far to suggest that the average person would be unable to define what Ethernet actually is.

It seems too obvious to say that in our digital world businesses are relying heavily on internet connectivity and communication. However, we must then ask why so many of them are still using off-the-shelf broadband solutions for their internet access.

Let’s look at the way in which Ethernet differs from such broadband packages and how these differences can answer our titular question: should your business be using it?

Ethernet vs Broadband

Ethernet and broadband internet connections are fundamentally the same, right? Well, yes, but the difference comes in terms of speed, security and reliability; all of which Ethernet dominates. Let’s now look at these three categories more closely.


All of your internet traffic is competing with the rest of the traffic handled by the provider when using an off-the-shelf broadband connection, unlike when using Ethernet’s uncontended connections.


It is because of Ethernet’s uncontended connections that you can reap the rewards in terms of security. Being private, Ethernet’s connections require an individual to have direct physical access to your/your provider’s core network, unlike with broadband connections public traffic which causes justified fears of others ‘listening in.’


The private, actively monitored infrastructure of Ethernet connections very often allow your provider to notice a potential issue before you do. From a service perspective, again it’s Ethernet’s far better managed connection winning hands down.

Ethernet’s Business Benefits

Ethernet is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with an aim to achieve 99% up-time. The guarantee of minimal downtime, along with fixed time targets measured in hours, is truly invaluable.

Furthermore, Ethernet’s speed can have a positive knock on effect for your business by opening up new and emerging technologies. One clear such example is the easily used VoIP, allowing the chance to host services or applications for your clients and customers and, crucially, allowing significant savings when compared to traditional telephony.

So, should your company be using an Ethernet connection? No matter the size or location of your business, there is an Ethernet package out there that allows for a resounding yes!

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