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5 reasons SMEs should switch to a Superfast ISP

Bored of being told your business needs a faster and more reliable internet connection? But not sure where to start? Wanzo can give you five good reasons why you should think seriously about switching.

Beat the crowd

According to the UK government, the roll-out of new superfast broadband infrastructure had returned £12.28 on every £1 invested, creating a £9bn leap in business turnover. But what makes broadband superfast? Ofcom’s definition is when a network delivers download speeds of up to 30Mbps. The national rollout is proving much slower than most people expected due to legacy issues with the infrastructure. And so, by the end of last year, superfast broadband had only reached 5m homes and businesses.

The holdup means most businesses are still waiting to be connected to a network that fails to meet the benchmark standard. Rather than waiting patiently to get access, companies now have the option to beat the crowd and connect directly to an ultrafast FTTC service, like Wanzo. We offer dedicated fibre connectivity solutions up to speeds of 10Gbps and beyond. And even better, it can be brought and managed under one roof. As well as giving you a competitive edge, your connectivity will be future proofed which is crucial to manage increasing demands on capacity and bandwidth.

Save valuable time

The average worker spends 38 hours every year waiting for online processes to complete. And these unreliable internet connections cost UK businesses a staggering £11bn a year. It’s therefore a no brainer to make IT systems much quicker, to help your staff and business achieve more. The direct correlation between internet speed and productivity involves everything from how long it takes to open or save a document. Ultrafast internet connectivity also cuts down the need for unnecessary meetings and travelling, by facilitating better quality video conferencing with no glitches. Ultimately, the faster your internet, the faster you can recover from any system failures, missing data and disruption.

Become agile during growth

As your business grows, so does your internet needs. And the last thing you need is to have capacity issues when implementing a new product or expanding your team. Extra capacity demands – often during peak periods – can make applications on your network unreliable and painfully slow. SMEs need to be able to maintain performance while growing its operations – and this is why upgrading to ultrafast internet is so important. You can guarantee a high-quality service for customers and the headroom to grow as a business.

Get the most from the cloud

Conventional broadband connections for home consumers are known as asymmetrical as they prioritise download traffic over upload – anything from a YouTube video to the latest Netflix series. This is not ideal for businesses using cloud-based IT services. Mainly because your staff and systems will be constantly saving and uploading data for remote storage.

It’s then much easier to exceed the uploading capacity than the download bandwidth, impacting reliability and performance. Wanzo and other similar providers offer services which are fully symmetrical to help you get more from the cloud.

Avoid getting ripped off

Last but not least, you should never end up paying for services that your business simply does not need. The speed of your internet is a prime example. A lot of smaller companies in particular get drawn into paying for gigabit fibre connections when it is very unlikely that they will ever need a high speed or bandwidth. This is a waste of time and money.

Wanzo offers a whole range of ultrafast connectivity solutions which means we can create a bespoke service to meet the needs of your business, with a reliable and competitive edge.

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