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5 steps towards a Digital Transformation

Businesses of all sizes are investing more time and money than ever in digital transformation. For smaller start-ups with fast-paced agility, a digital-first approach can come naturally.

But for SMEs that have been around for a long time, much bigger and more complex companies or those with a tight budget, the digital world can be extremely overwhelming.

Many businesses will often see the word ‘digital’ and assume all that’s required is functioning WiFi and cordless phones.

It’s easy to assume that all businesses are digitally-savvy, or have an in-house IT guru or digital team – but the truth is for many, this is a luxury rather than a necessity.

Wanzo have come up with five steps to take if you’re looking to start a digital transformation.

Technology is always key

While effective digital transformation is much more than just technology, it is safe to say this is the best place to start. What your transformation looks like, and hopes to achieve, will determine the necessary technology solutions.

From remote working, machine learning and the cloud, to connectivity, networking technology and customer communications, a host of solutions are on offer.

But often realising what you need – and at what point – is the hardest part. That’s where the experts come in.

Source the right software, and skills

The latest digital technology and software make little difference on their own without the skills required to maximise their potential.

And that’s why so many businesses are now choosing to outsource this – enabling them to bring in the digital skills as and when they need them.

Get your leadership on board

There is also an element of cultural change involved to ensure all the decision-makers are on board and on the same page.

Whether this is adapting current job roles, increasing and amending budgets, or allowing time for training and upskilling staff – lots of factors can determine how successful your business will be with achieving a digital transformation.

And for cultural change to be effective, all staff must be engaged and helped to recognise the benefits.

An ongoing process

Even once a business has modernised their technology portfolio, or completed a digital project, their journey is far from complete.

A true digital transformation is an ongoing process and requires long-term cultural change. After all, technology is continuously evolving, as does your business requirements and aspirations.

By bringing someone in to regularly review your strategy, aims and objectives, you can receive guidance on which digital technology your business needs – and when – to achieve its goals. And more importantly how to implement this.

Plan ahead

Having a proper strategy can ultimately identify: what can a digital transformation do for your business? How are you going to achieve it? And how will you measure its success?

That’s where sourcing the right digital technology partner becomes so crucial. Steering you through the options, and implementing smoothly what is needed.

Whether you’re facing a lack of skills and resources, limited time or experience, most businesses will benefit from working with a trusted and local partner like Wanzo.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can start your digital transformation.

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