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Voice Services

Wanzo is making business functionality a lot easier by providing advanced, flexible, scalable and cost-effective voice services to businesses within the UK.

Our Unified Communication (UC) service is providing businesses with the ability to have voice calls on any device, keeping business productivity functioning at all times. Our UC service can be quickly scaled across multiple-sites, enabling employees to communicate no matter what location and optimising the way you work.

Unified Communication Solutions

In a world of increasing flexibility, you need to ensure your workforce can collaborate, wherever they are and whatever device they’re using. Our managed UCaaS solutions enable you to harness the power of next-gen collaboration tools without overburdening your IT team  or budget.

With Wanzo’s Cloud-based managed UCaaS solutions, give your customers a fully integrated digital experience.

Unified communications in London
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Wanzo have developed Soft-client, a free Softphone with an advanced but easy to use interface. This product will revolutionise the way you make and receive business calls, leaving your old-school desk phones redundant and clearing up space on your desk!

The widely used software features include drag and drop calls, instant messaging, file sharing, voice and video recording and much more.

SIP Trunks

We offer a range of components to connect your system via SIP trunks, taking full responsibility for delivering your service from day one.

We operate an independent core network infrastructure.

We provide telephone numbers from all across the UK, routing them through to any office location.

We ensure compatibility with a host of SIP devices from several different manufacturers.

What are SIP trunks

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