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Want to enhance your business network performance? Super-fast connectivity has never been easier. Wanzo can offer ethernet Layer 2 and 3 services and connect each of your sites securely, cost-effectively and effortlessly.

We deliver a simple and safe point-to-point connection between two locations’ bandwidth starting at 100Mbps and offering 10Gbps. Even better, our services are symmetrical and you won’t have to share with anyone else. You can also download or upload missions critical data in the blink of an eye. And you can use as much data as you need.

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Our Services

Ethernet Leased Lines

Technology is developing at an exponential rate and we can help you stay ahead of the game. As one of the fastest growing telecommunications providers, we can take your business further, and provide super-fast connectivity at the best value.

Wanzo is completely transparent with our partners and we work with a range of suppliers to meet your business needs. And having everything managed by one supplier, saves you time and money.

Managed Services

For a business to succeed and grow, you need a guaranteed fast, reliable and secure connection – and this is why a lot of businesses are opting for a fully managed service. Wanzo are offering symmetrical solutions and uncontended services, resulting in business grade connectivity at all times.

You will be future proofing your business and opening up a whole new level of possibilities with cloud applications that will work seamlessly. And while we manage that, you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

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London Project management

IT Project Management

Wanzo are open to all kinds of a project from a global WAN solution to a single office connection, we have an experienced team who thrives on different ways to get business connected even if a traditional connection isn’t an option.

Each order is project managed by our team and out ‘fast-response’ approach enables us to work with you from the very start and get the best understanding of your requirement.

Wanzo can deliver your specific project on time and within budget through utilising different suppliers, technologies and our innovative thought process which allow us to give our clients the best experience.

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Our Projects


Deploying a Wide Area Network can be a challenge for any IT executive looking to upgrade their existing infrastructure or connecting a new operating site. The business environment is always expanding and WAN upgrades need to be aligned with increasing data demands and capacity requirements.

Migrating to a new WAN is seen as a risky business and it’s most likely that an IT professional will choose to stay with their incumbent provider even though they aren’t seeking the best return on investment.

Our Projects


In the early days of the internet, and even in certain remote areas today, a dial-up connection has been required for connecting to the web. Nowadays of course, it’s far more common to have broadband connectivity: through an ADSL line, a fibre-optic cable, a mobile signal, or potentially even via satellite.

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